August 2017

Tying the Knot: Summer Outdoor Weddings

The sun is high in the sky. The flowers are in full bloom. You are preparing for your wedding. What better way to say your “I do’s” than outdoors?

Romantic outdoor weddings have grown in popularity over the years. Brides (and grooms) have embraced the concept of tying the knot with friends, family, and nature as witnesses to the happy union. From backyards to sunset beach nuptials, millions of couples have entered wedded bliss in the great outdoors. And there is no better time to get married than the summer.

We often associate summer with fun, freedom, and vacations. Younger relatives are off school. Families are relatively free during the warm months. It’s a no brainer for couples to the tie knot during the summer.

Now you might be thinking that the summer months are unbearable. But there are ways to remedy that! Here are some reasons why a romantic summer wedding is the way to go!

The beautiful outdoors

Ah, the great outdoors. The lush greenery. The colorful flowers. The fluffy clouds peppering the sky. Nature is beautiful in its own right. Why not use that splendor and enhance it for your big day? Make your wedding perfectly elegant with floral decorations, LED lights, and gorgeous wedding tents in Dubai. Leverage the world around you to make your wedding day even more beautiful and memorable!

Play with your theme

One of the great things about planning your outdoor wedding is its blank-canvas characteristics. You can do so much at an outdoor wedding especially during the summer and with a wedding tent in Dubai. Step away from the traditional nuptials and make it more casual. Let your guests bask in the beauty of both your wedding and the surroundings. Turn your special day into one that everyone will be talking about for days—even years—to come!

Set your own time

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, chances are you’ve considered what time to start the ceremony. Perhaps the best thing about outdoor weddings is the lack of fixed time slots. Unlike booking a function hall which limits your celebration to only a couple of hours at most, holding your reception outdoors with wedding tents means that you can party it up for hours on end!

With days so long and the weather so spectacular, you can easily set the time of your wedding to your liking. But remember not to begin it midday! That’s when the sun is at its peak and sweltering guests won’t be in the mood to focus on the festivities. Sunset weddings are perfect and lead well into the cool evening for the reception.

Larger area to accommodate more guests

Forget about crunching your guests in a cramped hall. Sacrifice the dance floor? No way! Take your party outdoors and have all the space you need without breaking your budget by renting a wedding tent in Dubai. Don’t let your guests sit under the sun! A tent rental company like Artisan Tents can hook you up with the perfect wedding tent in Dubai to sit all of your guests comfortably.

Stunning photographs

Let’s face it. Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect not only for the day itself but also because it will be captured in photographs. Your wedding day is perhaps the biggest, most momentous day of your life and you’ll want to immortalize it in pictures. Fill your wedding photos with life with Mother Nature around you! Design your wedding tent in Dubai according to your wedding theme and bring the indoor layout outdoors!

There is no more perfect time to tie the knot with your special someone than during the summer. The flowers and greenery are in full bloom, the weather more consistent unlike during the fall and spring, and personal schedules are lighter. Make it special, add your personal touches to your wedding tent in Dubai, and let nature do the rest.