Permanent Safari Tents
September 2017

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Safari Tent

The lines of camping and outdoor comfort has blurred over the years. While many enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and work life through recreational outdoor activities, a good number of people still prefer comfort over roughing it.

In fact, this leisure activity has been attracting a new market in the hospitality and tourism industry and even has its own name coined—glamping. For traditionalists, glamping might take away the essence of camping outdoors. However, there is a balance that allows you to bask in the beauty of nature while smoothing the rough edges of traditional camping.

This is where safari tents come in. Specially designed to be your home away from home, safari tents are great on-site housing options for adventurers looking for more comfort. But what are the key points you must consider before buying your own safari tent? Fret not; we’ve rounded them up for you!

Customizable to your needs

Most camping essentials come in standard shapes and sizes. A basic canvas floor, curved body that serves as walls and roofing, and fabric screens as windows for ventilation. This leaves campers looking for other alternatives for basic needs such as toilets and cooking areas.

However, a safari tent gives you a complete home away from home. Kitchen, rooms, toilet, and storage space under one roof in the great outdoors! You can also customize your safari tent according to your needs and guest capacity. Make sure to check with your tent provider if they can customize a safari tent for you to suit your needs from accommodation to styling.

Consider the quality

When it comes to outdoor accommodations, quality is a very important factor to consider. When ordering your safari tent, make sure to check the quality of the materials used.

Most tent providers manufacture safari tents with different materials such as wood, steel, and even canvas. Double check the quality of these materials before making a purchase. After all, you’ll want your safari tent to last a long time and withstand weather conditions.

Know your provider

The company you buy your safari tent from will reflect the quality and durability of their products. When searching for the right safari tent provider, take some time to browse through their previous projects and products. This will give you an idea of their expertise, services, and offers.

Artisan Tents is a well-established tent provider in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We provide clients with a wide variety of world-class tent solutions. Our team of highly experienced professionals gladly assists customers with their tent needs and helps them find the right option.

Check for amenities

Whether you’re renting or buying a safari tent, make sure it has all the amenities you will need. From storage space to private toilets, safari tents are meant to provide optimal comfort while enjoying what nature has to offer. It should not only be a place to sleep and rest easy but it should also grant you the same comfort that you get from your real home!

Understand your location

Knowing where your safari tent will be placed will guide you through the decision-making process. Take the time to understand your location to get a grasp of your needs and requirements. Remember, buying a safari tent is not a one-time purchase. It is an investment that can return in folds. Details such as land area and location are important not only for the longevity of your safari tent but also to help you choose the best materials for your comfort and its structure.

At the end of the day, camping is all about basking in the beauty and wonder of nature whether you take the traditional route or the modern approach with safari tents. Artisan Tents’ outstanding safari tents offer great convenience, comfort, and ease to ensure our customers enjoy their glamping holidays!