July 2017

Planning Your Special Events with Luxury Tents

The breathtaking sunset over the beach. A romantic garden littered with strings of lights. The warm familiarity of the great outdoors. Truly, there is something special about outdoor events.

Over the years, outdoor gatherings have grown in popularity. It gives a whole new feel to celebrate special moments with nature and bask in its beauty. In fact, many would agree that an outdoor celebration is one of the most intimate and wholesome ways to come together. As stunning as these events are, it takes a small village to pull it all together and make the alfresco celebration memorable.


Outdoor weddings are a desirable way to entertain and celebrate your special day with guests but they pose several challenges. Yet despite this, outdoor weddings have become a favorite for many over the years. From seaside sunsets to rustic woodsy nuptials, there is a wide variety of options for the big day.

When choosing the perfect tent for your wedding day, you guests’ comfort must be your priority. Work with your local tent rental company like Artisans Tent to figure out what style fits your vision. You can also find out if they offer décor and furniture rental services.

Social Events

Outdoor events are not limited to weddings and civil unions. In fact, they’re perfect for birthdays, corporate get-togethers, and even religious gatherings. Turn your celebration into an experience like no other by taking it outside! Whether you’re going all out with a themed party or keeping it casual, an outdoor social event can take it to the next level.

Artisan Tents specializes in a wide range of social events tent rental services. From parties to launch events, we’ve got it all for you! We have an impressive selection of tents in various sizes suited to accommodate your guests. Additionally, we have also built up our inventory and perfected our tent interior design skills to make your outdoor event extraordinary!

Corporate Events

Perhaps one of the best ways to treat the team after a job well done is by throwing a party. So the next time you’re thinking about partying it up with the officemates, why not have it outside?

Hosting your corporate event outdoors is a great way to leverage the natural beauty of your environment and magnifying it with stellar tent designs. From charity events and holiday parties to year-end celebrations, you can turn the great outdoors into the perfect stage.

Whether your location is a well-manicured garden or the warm sand of the beach, remember to make it cozy and comfortable for your guests. Make it more inviting with colorful fabric, lush pillows, and playful lightning. Remember, the more you bring into your tent, the warmer and homier it will feel!