Party Tents in Dubai UAE
November 2017

Party in Style with Rental Party Tents in Dubai

We’re nearing the end of another year. Before you know it, we’ll be bundled up in warmer clothing to fight the frigid weather. With that in mind, what season do we associate with this time of the year? The Christmas holidays! If you’re a part of the billions of people who celebrate the holidays, then you’re most likely familiar with the annual parties filled with red, green, white, and gold. From office celebrations to throwing one with friends and family, there is nothing like coming together in a party to put the “happy” in “Happy Holidays”. ‘Tis the season for party tents The holidays are all about coming together with people you care about and reconnecting after a long year of busyness. It’s the perfect time to pause,…
Permanent Safari Tents
September 2017

Things You Should Consider When Buying A Safari Tent

The lines of camping and outdoor comfort has blurred over the years. While many enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and work life through recreational outdoor activities, a good number of people still prefer comfort over roughing it. In fact, this leisure activity has been attracting a new market in the hospitality and tourism industry and even has its own name coined—glamping. For traditionalists, glamping might take away the essence of camping outdoors. However, there is a balance that allows you to bask in the beauty of nature while smoothing the rough edges of traditional camping. This is where safari tents come in. Specially designed to be your home away from home, safari tents are great on-site housing options for adventurers looking for more comfort.…