artisan swimmming tents
June 2016

5 shades to cover your pool

In the scorching heat, taking a dip in the pool to cool down is something everyone looks forward to. But when the heat bothers you when you're in the pool as well, there's something wrong! A pool in your backyard that can't be used especially during the summer is disheartening. A little shade over your pool can create that perfect environment you're longing for. Here are five shades that make pools more inviting and will save you from sunburn. Overall cover If you have a pool that's small and round, you could go for a shade as in the image. This covers a little extra on the circumference of the pool. This also prevents rain water entering in the pool. 3/4th cover If you like a combination of…
April 2016

Tents for a different experience

Basking in the sun while the cool breeze brushes across in the vastness turns off every thought. Midst this refreshing environment the open space gives one a sense of freedom. Coming close to nature with a free mind makes you admire small elements one would never look at during any other day. Such an environment can sometimes  deceive your mind making you feel you have total freedom! But this deceiving thought bring some temporary bliss which is required for the fast paced life we live. Being protected but also getting a sense of freedom and openness can be got only in a tent! Of course, the type of the tent matters. If you're looking forward to create an experience for your guests or would like to experience the…