artisan tents starry canopy
July 2016

Make a starry statement

If you want to organize a party or celebrate an occasion with your close ones, think of an outdoor event. Its less expensive than a hotel and the open skies will add to the grandeur. The star shape canopy tent makes a statement with its unique design . From birthday parties, to weddings and anniversaries, it gives the occasion a starry effect. While it can accommodate around 30+ people, it has enough room for kids to run around and for you to dance away all night. With a pole in the center and six elegant arches, the star shape canopy doesn't require an army to install and unwind it. This can be used for commercial events like an exhibition or trade show. The canvas of the canopy comes in…
artisan khaftan restaurant
June 2016

Project – KAFTAN Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art

KAFTAN Turkish Cuisine &Fine Art, our client, is a fine-dining restaurant which has brought the spirit of Turkish and Ottoman cuisine to Dubai. Kaftan is known for its widespread delicacies. During the holy month of Ramadan, the restaurant is fluttering with diners to relish their sumptuous food. It was during that time of the year that we erected a temporary tent for KAFTAN Turkish Cuisine & Fine Art to accommodate the large influx of diners. Placed in a spectacular location, the restaurant provides a beautiful view of the Burj Al Arab. With a contemporary twist, Kaftan ambiance includes minimalist interior decor and soft and glistening tones of lighting. To add to the festive mood, one of our best interior decorators worked on the decor to spread the vibes…