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January 2018

Finding the Perfect Ramadan Tent in Dubai

Another year has begun and we’re looking forward to what it has in store. For most Muslim countries, the next major occasion to look forward to is Ramadan. Though it’s not for a few months yet, people are already buzzing and planning for the upcoming season.

Ramadan attracts both those practicing the religious occasion and tourists. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies in Dubai to host iftar buffets. Locals and tourists alike come together during this time to respect, worship, and commemorate the holy practice.

A Quick Look at Ramadan

Ramadan is a religious occasion wherein Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunsets. This form of sacrifice gives them the time to reflect, pray, and detox both spiritually and physically.

Though a season of fasting, it is also a time to feast. Ramadan has two major daily feasts called suhoor and iftar. These two meals bring large groups of families and friends together to connect, indulge in delicious food, and spend quality time together.

In Dubai, it is not uncommon for food lovers to head out at fast break and dine at some of the best Ramadan tents. From cozy tents to fine dining, Dubai has it all for its guests!

Ramadan Tent Restrictions

If you’re planning on pitching a Ramadan tent as an individual to host a large number of people, then you just might have to do some rethinking. Over recent years, rules have been established about who and where Ramadan tents can be pitched. This is to ensure the safety and security of all feast goers and others in the area.

However, that’s not to say you can’t enjoy and have a great time in Ramadan tents in Dubai! There is no shortage of suhoor and iftar buffets in Ramadan tents around Dubai.

Restaurants &Ramadan Tents in Dubai

While locals and guests flock to restaurants and resorts for a scrumptious buffet to feast on, establishments are scrambling to secure the best, most value-for-money tents to host their buffets.

Artisan Tents is one of the top providers of Ramadan tents in Dubai and the rest of UAE. We supply world-class quality tents that are customizable to suit your needs. Our Ramadan tents in Dubai come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes to suit your needs.

Artisan Tents understands that while comfort is a top priority, especially considering that Ramadan typically falls during the warmer months, the overall look and feel of your Ramadan tent is just as important. At Artisan Tents, we pride ourselves with a roster of well-experienced experts to help you find and set up the perfect Ramadan tent in Dubai for your buffets!Thus, we offer decorations, furniture, and interior work to help you achieve your vision for your Ramadan tent in Dubai.