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August 2017

The Do’s and Don’ts of an Outdoor Spring Wedding

Spring is in the air and so is the sound of wedding bells together with the beautiful songs of birds. Aside from summer, spring is another season to say I do.

But while it may seem ideal on paper, there are some challenges that come with celebrating your big day outdoors. Here are some dos and don’ts to bear in mind when planning your spring outdoor wedding!

Do: Check the weather forecast

Spring has become synonymous with new beginnings. What better way to start a new chapter of your life than during this time of the year?

But with spring comes inclement weather. For many, it’s the season where you get the best of both worlds. Some days, the weather is warm and sunny. Others, it’s damp and chilly. Remember to check your local weather forecast for your wedding day and plan accordingly. This will help you set and accommodate your guests and festivities.

Don’t: Overlook your entourage’s comfort

Perhaps one of the biggest pitfalls of wedding planning is overlooking the comfort of those in attendance. While most guests can freely dress according to their comfort and the weather, your entourage is limited to their gowns and tuxedos.

Instead of leaving it to your wedding party to fend for themselves, provide your bridesmaids with chic wraps and boleros to match their dresses. For the men, plan for jackets or snazzy blazers. Remember, your guests’ comfort is a top priority!

Do: Hire a tent rental company

Just because winter is behind you doesn’t mean that sunny days are here to stay! Remember to make accommodations for your guests just in case the weather turns sour. Thankfully for couples planning to wed in Dubai, the weather during spring is relatively cool and dry. However, that doesn’t mean that wedding tents in Dubai aren’t necessary.

Hire a tent company who can set up, design, and dismantle wedding tents for your guests and equipment. Housing your guests outdoors will protect them from gusts of wind, warm rays of the sun, and possible spring rains.

Don’t: Plan your wedding without a plan B

One of the most important parts of planning an outdoor spring wedding is having a plan B. Don’t let a little spring shower ruin your big day. Instead, plan for the worst case scenario—in this case, rain—and look into renting wedding tents for your nuptials.

Though you plan for a bright, sunny spring wedding, a wedding tent will save you and your attendees from bad weather. Stay dry and keep the reception going with wedding tents!

Do: Wear something comfortable

For many, spring is the time of perfect weather. With winter just ending and summer still approaching, the temperature is just right.

If you’re planning an outdoor spring wedding, choose to wear something comfortable and extend the same courtesy to your guests. Instead of wearing your wedding gown from the beginning of the ceremony until the reception, why not change into something more freeing and comfortable for the celebrations post-ceremony? Let your hair down and go with something comfy!

Don’t: Settle with spring trends

The beauty of spring is that you have the freedom to play with colors and themes. Don’t limit your outdoor wedding to spring trends and pastel shades. Go as wild as you’d like! This applies to the decorations of your wedding tent, too! Outdoor spring weddings give you the freedom to play with themes, colors, and styles. Unlike formal banquet halls, the great outdoors allows you to be as formal or as casual as you’d like. So run wild with your imagination and make your outdoor wedding tent uniquely yours!

Ultimately, when it comes to planning your outdoor spring wedding, you’ll want to plan and design it in a way that will make you and your future spouse happy. Just remember that spring comes with a couple of challenges but nothing that wedding tents can’t remedy!