event tents
November 2016

How Artisan Tents can transmute your event from glum-chum to wow?

Your event is important. No matter whatever event you organize, it’s important that the people whoever are invited get wowed by your efforts and organizing abilities. What would you need to do? The answer is simple. You need to connect with the best event service organizer in UAE. Yes, you guessed it right, Artisan Tents. Artisan Tents have an incredible ability to take charge of your entire event and wow your customers in a matter of days. The reasons behind their success are their immense experience, always over-delivering habit on the promises they make and sticking to the best quality materials for the events. And they have series of event services just for you so that you can relax, enjoy yourself and let Artisan Tents do the rest…
November 2016

Why create a shade for your private villa?

When you build or buy your private villa, you would want to spend most of the time in your villa for relaxation. Private villas don’t always come with shades on the balcony or on the roof top because of many reasons. But what if you can create a shade for your private villa whenever you want? Would you do it? Here are few reasons to consider for which you should create shade/s for your private villa and contact Artisan Tents for making it specifically for you – Climate: Rain comes without any notice. So if you’re enjoying yourself with your family at the roof top and suddenly you get interrupted by rain, your whole enjoyment would be wasted. Why take a chance? You can simply ask Artisan Tents…