August 2016

Tents breathe life into your celebration. Here’s how.

When you can rent a big bungalow to do all your celebrations, why should you go for a tent? There are many reasons for which you should opt for a tent rather than a big bungalow. Let’s have a look – Tent is inexpensive: All expensive things don’t add value to your life. If you are planning a wedding ceremony or an event party, renting a bungalow will add up to your costs and would make you worried during your celebration. You can choose a nice substitute. You would be able to create a bungalow with the canopy at the most effective cost and it will rather increase the royal nature of your ceremony. It can be crafted at any place you like: You don’t need to worry…
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August 2016

Relief during times of emergency

Whether it is a natural disaster or war or any other crisis, an emergency comes in hurrying waves slashing the normal routines of many, including flora and fauna. With chaos all around, thousands of people at a time of crisis look out for shelter and medical aid. Shelter is critical at that time for survival and recovery. Shelter is a requirement to protect them from: Precipitation and chilling wind effects. Insulating the body from the cold. Improving the overall morale by providing shelter and security. In such times, temporary tents play a huge role to bring human kind close to vital resources like water, food supplies, etc. Survival rates are increased and recovery efforts become easier. The quicker one sets up emergency camps, the faster it is to…