ramadan tents in dubai use
January 2018

Finding the Perfect Ramadan Tent in Dubai

Another year has begun and we’re looking forward to what it has in store. For most Muslim countries, the next major occasion to look forward to is Ramadan. Though it’s not for a few months yet, people are already buzzing and planning for the upcoming season. Ramadan attracts both those practicing the religious occasion and tourists. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies in Dubai to host iftar buffets. Locals and tourists alike come together during this time to respect, worship, and commemorate the holy practice. A Quick Look at Ramadan Ramadan is a religious occasion wherein Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunsets. This form of sacrifice gives them the time to reflect, pray, and detox both spiritually and physically. Though a season of…
Arabic Tents in Dubai
November 2017

What You Need To Know About Arabic Tents in Dubai

Tents have been an integral part of mankind’s history. Since the dawn of time, tents have served as a dwelling place for men, women, and children. From ancient traditional tents to portable campsite tents, these lightweight shelters have stood the ultimate test of time—usability and relativity in a dynamic and ever-changing society. Though its style and purposes date back generations, traditional tents are still very much sought after, especially in the Arab world. So if you’re thinking about getting one of your own or planning to rent Arabic tents in Dubai for an occasion, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about Arabic tents! Arabic Tents in UAE’s culture Back in the day, before the influx of modern technology and development, Arabic tents were known…
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